Rébekah Paulovich

graphic designer and colorist


Indisciplines sound art festival

Brochure / poster for the sound art festival Indisciplines, held by Le Dojo in Nice, France, in May 2008.

I designed the brochure using a photo I took of the Yann Kersalé light installation on Boulevard Jean Medecin, Nice.
The brochure unfolds to show festival programming and event locations.
Once turned over, the brochure becomes a poster for the festival.

Under the direction of Luc Clément at Outremer.

Indisciplines sound art festival, brochure / poster.

The image is a photo I took, in movement, of the Kersalé lights on Boulevard Jean Medecin, Nice.

The poster side of the brochure

opening the brochure.

Indisciplines sound art festival, inside the brochure.

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