Rébekah Paulovich

graphic designer and colorist


shapes for sound

In filming, I used lomography-based techniques, attaching the camera around my wrist and unintentionally filming this intense concert experience from an unusual perspective. I was in the front row, and my camera captured the reflections of the lights on the barrier in front of the stage, as well as the movement of the crowd.

During this show, I experienced very intense photisms due to the extremely loud, low sound, both aurally and physically. The distorted sound and swirling abstract images in these videos are extremely evocative of this incredible, mesmerizing and disorienting synesthetic experience ; they kinesthetically capture the shape of the sound.

Exploring the experience and perception of sound is at the center of my work.
Being a synesthete, I perceive sound in a very rich and intense way: sound truly has a sculptural quality, a materiality that can be seen and felt. Through my art, I am working towards better understanding how my synesthesia works, and how sounds take form and interconnect with our other senses. I hope that my work can challenge others to question their perception of sound.

“Thumb” was recorded during a concert by Kyuss in Milan on 23 March 2011.

“El Rodeo” was recorded during a concert by Kyuss in Milan on 23 March 2011.

I used the same lomography-based techniques for this video as for “Thumb.”
I later discovered this particular clip on my camera. It was initially very dark with what seemed like very little movement, but through highly contrasting the clip, I found that I had actually recorded a long sequence of light being reflected onto the barrier in front of the stage.

The resulting pixellisation and burned sections are very representative for me of the extremely distorted sound and the hypnotizing sound sequences.

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