Rébekah Paulovich

graphic designer and colorist


Ric Remix | book design

Ric Remix, a Tibet and A. Duchateau story remixed by DJ Vandermeulen.

Author David Vandermeulen remixed the 78-volume Ric Hochet graphic novel series, selecting panels and reordering them to create an entirely new story.

I collaborated with David Vandermeulen and Eric Laurin in the design of this graphic novel.
I created the illustrations on the cover, title page, introductory spread and chapter pages by reworking panels from the Ric Hochet series in the style of Lichstenstein and Warhol.

November 2011
Art direction: David Vandermeulen, Eric Laurin and Rebekah Paulovich-Boucly
Book design / layouts / illustration treatment: Rebekah Paulovich-Boucly
Logo: Eric Laurin and Rebekah Paulovich-Boucly

front cover

front endpapers

title page


copyright and chapter 1 title page

chapter 2 title page

chapter 3 title page

chapter 4 title page

chapter 5 title page

last double spread of the story

final page illustration

back endpapers

back cover

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